Information Systems: Week 4

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Small Business Systems (The Digital Firm + Cloud C

The Digital Firm

Small Businesses and Digital Firms

  • Digital firm one nearly all organisation's significant business relationships customers, suppliers + employees digitally enabled + mediated. 
  • Core business processes accomplished through digital networks spanning entire organisation/linking multiple organisations.
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Small Business Systems (The Digital Firm + Cloud C

Small Business Systems: Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing 

  • Model computing which computer processes storage, software + other services provided shared pool virtualised resources over network, primarily Internet.
  • 'Clouds' computing resources accessed on as-needed basis any connected device + location.

Total cost of ownership cost components

  • Hardware Acquisition: Purchase price computer hardware equipment, i.e. computers, terminals.
  • Software Acquisition: Purchase/License software each year.
  • Installation: Cost install computers + software.
  • Training: Cost provide training info systems specialists + end users.
  • Support: Cost provide ongoing technical support, help desks etc.
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Small Business Systems (The Digital Firm + Cloud C

Types of Services

  • Infrastrusture as service (IaaS): Customers use processing , storage + networking resources run info systems.
  • Software as service (SaaS): Customers use software hosted by vendor vendors cloud infrastructure + delivered service over network.
  • Platform as service (PaaS): Customers use infrastructure + programming tools supported cloud service provider develop own applications.
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