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Method of scrambling data in such a way that only the people who have the 'secret code' to unlock the message can read it.

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a phone has a function like another digital device for example a sat nav.

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Hosted Application

due to the increasing availabity of relatively high speed broadband many people are now starting to use hosted applications for their everyday needs. instead of instailling and using applications such as the office suit on your own computer it is now possible to access word processing application, spreadsheed and presentation applications online, an example would be google docs.

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Local Application

applications that are saved on the computer for example microsoft word.

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Open Source Software

completlly free software, it has been developped by volunetter programmes with the interntion of making available free to use applications.

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Proprietary Software

sotware that is owned by an invidual or a company.

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Internet Message Access Protocol is an application layer internet protocol that allos an email cline to access email on a remove mail server.

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Post Office Protocol is an application layer inernet startared protocol used by local email clinets to retrieve email from a remote server.

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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an internet standard for eletronic mail transmission.

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Voice over IP is a group of digtal devices over networks joining together, an example would be skype

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Near field communication is a set of ideas that enables smartphone and other devices to establish radio communcation with each other by touching them. is a short range wireless RFID technology that makes use of interacting electromagnetic radio fields instead of the typical direct radio transmissions used by technologies such as Bluetooth. It is meant for applications where a physical touch, or close to it,

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LCD Screen

the technology used for displays in notebook and other smaller computers.

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measure of the capacitiy pf a communication channel, its the maximum amount of data that can travel along a communcation channel in a given time.

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Latency is the delay from input into a system to desired outcome; the term is understood slightly differently in various contexts and latency issues also vary from one system to another

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Transactional Data

inputs are noted by the computer, but it deals with them after a short delay. it spends that delay handling other inputs and managing data movements.

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repetitive strain injury is a potenitally debilitating condition resulting form overusing the hands to perform a repetitve task.

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Cloud Computing

the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer

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