Process of collaborative working


Advantages of collaborative working

We see the benefits of collaboration as being

  • Money savings can be achieved relatively quickly and the savings can be impressive
  • Responsiveness can be increased through economies of scale and availability of more resources
  • Increased capacity and expertise means that more can be achieved for less
  • Waste can be reduced by better decision making and a broader understanding of the bigger picture of activity
  • Investments can be made once so that the wheel is not reinvented over and over again
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Disadvantages of collaborative working

Collaboration brings enormous challenges and these shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Sometimes not everyone is starting from the same place; a flexible implementation strategy that is aware of local issues will be needed
  • Decision making can become more complex and sometimes more protracted so clear communication and a coherent decision making process will be essential
  • Savings can take time to materialise and delays can be frustrating
  • Return on investment can be difficult to measure empirically
  • A perception may exist that each partner is unique and certainly different, so helping them collaborate may be challenging
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