How to Analyse Non-Fiction Text

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  • Look for suggestions/implications with a particular focus on finding patterns and themes
  • Identify techniques - similies, metaphors etc.
  • Identify the level of formality and the use of pronouns --> I, you, we, he she, it, them etc.
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Fact and Opinion

  • Look for the balance (or lack of it) between the author's opinion and actual facts
  • Think of how these are positioned --> for example, a lot of facts at the start might be trying to establish the authority of the writer
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Sentence Structure

  • Look at how varied they might be
  • What might they be trying to emphasise?
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Paragraph Structure

  • Length: are they long? Are they short?
  • Look at how the ideas are arranged in the paragraph
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Overall Structure

  • Look at how the paragraphs link together
  • The order that the ideas and information are placed into
  • Does the end link back to the beginning?
  • Is there an alternative viewpoint in the middle?
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