How is Bowe presented?

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How is Bowe Presented?


  • "Someone help me get the strap over, I - can't - do - it"
  • "Mother O'God let me live" - fear of death, not suited for war. Religious reference = desperation
  • "Shaking like a leaf" - imagery shows fear, lack of patriotism - going against everything Rudyard said about enlistment
  • "Do I have to take the basket across if the pigeon's dead, sir?" - soldiers are only following orders, doesn't know anything about war and surviving - no sense of logic, lack of common sense. Also shows fear - he can't focus or concentrate properly
  • "Bowe scrabbles in the mud" - animalistic, driven by instincts and the need to survive - id. No thought or logic, no noble sacrifice. Anticipate him as a weak character
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How is John presented in the trenches?


  • He is assertive, he appears commanding over the other soldiers, not a child amnymore
  • "McHugh...I'm trying...I'm trying" - he's trying to remain calm, to be mature, an adult
  • Military jargin shows lack of true understanding - only repeating orders
  • "Listen everyone"
  • "You'll find a way" - sets and controls agenda: commanding verbs
  • "Shut up! Shut up! Of course, dump the bloody thing." - no longer calm and controlled - shows fear and inexperience, he is not suited for war
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How is John presented in the soliloquy?


  • "Oh Daddo" - he has regresesed, a child again. Commanding officer just a facade, not who he is. He is a child again - he is terrified of death but still thinking of his father - not let him down etc. - be a man.
  • "Please God I mustn't let them down." - Talking about his troops and his father's unrealistic expectations of him - he's a child really
  • Use of punctuation - "Keep the pistol out of the mud - left hand on the parapet - pull -" - it's a system, a ritual he has to go through it to focus and stay sane. Programmed, a machine. Stream of consciousness
  • "Please God let me live." - religious speech, relying on something superior to him to try and survuve - similar language to Bowe - PTSD 
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How is camaraderie presented?


  • Presence of camaraderie is a massive lie built up by the home front. In reality it doesn't exist - all men are scared of dying but it doesn't bring them close
  • "Don't point your scabby **** at me!" - lack of camaraderie - it's every man for himself, no strong connection between soldiers
  • "**** - **** - **** off Bowe!" - no camaraderie at all, hostility towards other soldiers
  • Reality of war, not what propaganda puts forward
  • "You can take mine Bowe." - sudden support from McHugh in front of John to impress him
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