OCR History: Medicine Through Time

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Prehistoric Medicine

  • No forms of Public Health, If they messed up one place they would move (nomadic)
  • Dual Approach to Cause
    • Natural- Broken Bones caused by force on the bone
    • Supernatural- Headaches caused by spirits trapped in the skull
  • Dual Approach to Cure
    • Natural- Cuts were covered with animal fat and bound with kangaroo skin, Stomach Pains were cured by chewing orchid bulbs, Burns were treated with tree sap, Broken arms set with mud
    • Supernatural- Medicine Man would sing and chant to lure the spirit out of a sick person, Charms ward off evil spirits
  • Anatomy and Physiology- They knew where everything was from hunting and cutting things up but, they didn't know what the organs did
  • Surgery- Trephanning, they drilled a hole in the skull to release trapped spirits
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Egyptian Medicine

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