Russia and the Communist State

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NumberOne- Introduction

Lenin was the leader of the new government. He lead the Bolshevik Party. In 1917 he returned to Russia and led the Bolshevik Revolution which was successful in overthrowing the provisional government.

Trotsky was the Commisare of Foreign Affairs. He lost the leadership battle against the opponant Stalin. In 1940 Trotsky was assinated on the orders of Stalin.

A communist was someone who believed in equality, not only in rights but prosperity. A communist did not believe that "Class" in soceity was neccessary. Communism meant that no-one could own businesses, property markets or shares. Karl Marx was the very first communist. Hense the name Marxism.

Leadership Contest. Both contenders had things working against them. Stalin was at a slight advantage as Trotsky's weaknesse's outweighted the strengths. Examples Two leading Bolsheviks disliked him and disagreed with his ideas and he wanted a "world revolution" to spread communism worldwide and lastly he underestimated Stalin.

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Reasons for his victory in the battle for leadership.

1. He used clever tactics to win over the people and fellow Bolsheviks.

2. He made himself appear close to Lenin. (Cheif mourner at the funeral)

3. He gave jobs to people who supported him and what he believed. With those who opposed him they were got rid of.

4. He wanted "Socialism" in one country not worldwide.

5. He cleverly used propaganda to show his close apparant relationship with Lenin and to critise Trotsky.

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The Cult of Stalin- Number One


The wide spread propaganda campaign was directed at young children. This was to "brainwash" them from a young age so that the could adapt and grow up in the "Stalin" way of life. Outside of school he still wanted to reign control of the younger generations. He set up youth gatherings and clubs which trained children in socialism and communism.


Religious groups threatened Stalin and his "Cult" as they owed their allegance to a different god. This enraged Stalin which made him persue on imprisioning Christian leaders and immediatley closing their churches. Also Mosques and Muslim schools were shut down and Pilgrimages to Mecca banned.

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The Cult of Stalin- Number Two


In Stalins eyes filmakers and writers were seen as a threat to him therefore he censored their work and then it had to go through the process of being submitted to commitees before being published. Filmakers, Writers and Artists also had to support the "Social Realism" scheme. The wide spread propaganda campaign was directed particullary at children. They were told he was the "Great Leader" They were taught Stalins version of history, which was far from the actual events.

Changes to History

Stalin had habit to doctorine photographs so that people (mainly Bolsheviks) dissapeared from the Soviet Union. New emphatic photographs were issued concerning his role, an example would be his apparant relationship with Lenin before his death.

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The Cult of Stalin- Number Three

Presented himself to the Public

Propaganda, pictures and name tages were issued all over Russia and were everywhere to be seen. Stalin created a caring image. Someone who allegedly cared for the people of the Soviet Union and a genious that saved the Soviet Union from its enemies. People of Russia saw this and began to think of Stalin as a "God" like figure of their country. Huge Parades were dedicated to him, Films and plays were made about him and streets and cities were named after him. He dominated the USSR in a very short space of time.

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