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In 1066, England's king, King Edward the Confessor dies. He had no children, no surviving brothers or sisters! WHO WOULD BE THE NEXT KING?

Prince Edgar: nearest blood relative, BUT was too young and had no experience.

Harold Godwin: was then announced  as the new king on Edward's deathbed. Most agreed that this was fair, as Harold had been the leader of the Kings army.

Duke William of Normandy: was ANGRY!!!! He had visited England and said that King Edward had promised him the throne. Also, Harold had been shipwrecked and kept as prisoner, but before he was set free, Harold had promised to help him get the throne. 

William prepared a Norman army to invade England. 

Harold Hadrada: the king of Norway also wanted the English throne. He though that the next king should be a Viking like him. Hadrada had the support of- a large army, and Harold Godwin's brother, Tostig, who wanted revenge as the brothers had quarelled.

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1st::::::::: Hadrada, with a fleet of 300 ships. The English army was defeated at the Battle of Fulford Now he controlled the North

King Harold surprised Hadrada as his troops rested on Stamford Bridge. Hadrada and Tostig were both killed!!! Only 24 out of 300 ships went home.

One enemy was defeated!!!! But . . . .

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