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  • single reason 
  • multiple reason
  • linked causes 
  • long term 
  • short term 
  • different type of causes - political,economic, social, cultural
  • Indentify most important cause and why
  • use own knowledge 
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  • an explanation of the meaning of another person's actions or behaviour, or of events , that happened in the past
  • the nature of the evidence
  • how evidence is selected 
  • how evidence is interepreted
  • how much the historian has used his/her imagination 
  • the background and assumptions made by the historian
  • the purposes of the historian
  • the amount of emphasisplaced by the historian upon different aspects of teh period or issue
  • the intended audience of the historian
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Analyse usefulness 

  • what does the source tell me?
  • limitations
  • use own knowledge
  • 5 w's

Evalute reliability

  • who produced it?
  • what do we know about theperson? 
  • bias? 
  • how do they know about the event/person? 
  • why did they produce it? 
  • propoganda? 
  • does the source fit with own knowledge?
  • does it agree or disagree with other sources?
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