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Germany 1918- 1945

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Treaty of versailles

The treaty of versailles was the most important treaty after the first world war. It dealt with Germany. The Germans suffered great territorial losses under this treaty. The left bank of the river rhine was to be occupied by the allies. A ***** 50 kilometres wide on the right bank was to be demilitarised , Alsace lorraine was returned to France, The Saarland with its important coalfield was to be handed over to France for 15 years, After this, a plebiscite was to be held and the people were to decide where they wished to be, with France, or returned to Germany.Poland was made its own independent country , this meant that Germany lost upper silesia , the polish corridor  of the land to the sea, and this split off the German province of East prussia from the rest of Germany.Danzig was made a free city in order for poland to have access to the sea.Finland, Estonia , Latvia, and Lithuania became independent countries. Denmark and belgium also received land from Germany.Memel was given to Lithuania,Northern Schleswig was given to Denmark,Eupen, Moresnet and Malmedy were given to Belgium,German African colonies were taken away. Togoland and Cameroon to Britain and France.German East Africa to Britain. German South West Africa to South Africa. New Guinea to Australia. Samoa to N.Zealand. The Marshall, Mariana and Caroline Islands went to Japan.

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