Names of people in History through time.

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Edward Jenner.

- 18th Century.

Main Achievements:
- Small pox vaccoination. Previously, Lady Montague (Turkey), have suffered small pox. She had her children innoculated using small pox puss and they survived.
- In Gloucestshire, Jenner discovered that maids do not suffer from small pox because they had previously experienced cox pox, a milder disease.
-Experiments proved that innoculation of cox pox prevented small pox. This is called vaccination.

Government - Money provided to open vaccination clinic in London.
Improved Communications - American president Jefferson and Napoleon of France were champions of this method.

Who apposed him?:
- Idea was old. Others were making money from innoculations and didn't want Jenner interfering.
- Jenner couldn't explain his findings, criticim therefore grew.
- Mix ups led to deaths, as did infected needles.

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- Greeks.

Main Achievements:
- Using the theory of the '4 humors'.
- Hippocratic collection containing some of his books and other theorists.
- Hippocratic Oath - Patients info = Confidential and doctors must do their best they can to cure patients.

Individual genius:
Improved communications: Speaking with/to patients. Writing down theories.
Religion: Broke away from ideas of gods and looked for logical causes of disease. 

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- Greeks.

Main Achievements:
- Came up with the '4 humors' theory.

Individual genius:
Broke away from ideas of gods and looked for logical causes of disease.

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A Greek doctor practicing in Roman times.

Main Achievements:
- The brain controls the body - public experiments with pig.

- dissection (human and animal) - shows the body is designed and complex. This view was supported by Christians for 1500 years.
- Continuing Hippocrates idea of the '4 humors' but developed this with the treatment of opposites.
(winter - too much phlegm ((a cold)) treatment is hot pepper.)
-  Clinical observation - observe patient and ask about their systems.

Religion: Support of Christians for 1500 years.
Individual genius:
Science and Technology: Dissections 
 Improved communications: Huge selection of written work (60 books).

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