Henry VII


Lovell/ Stafford Rebellion

Francis Lovell and Humphrey Stafford

Yorkists attempt a rebellion in Yorkshire and Worcester

Henry had significant support in Worcester

Henry on a nationwide tour

Spy network let Henry know what was going on

Stafford forcibly removed from sancutary

Lovell later joined Simnel Rebellion

Only a year into his reign

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Lambery Simnel


Yorkists wanted to put a pretender on the throne

Simnel pretendened to be earl of warwick

Would've had a bigger claim to the throne than Henry

lack of support in england - lack of finance, lack of desire for another war

Battle of Stoke field

A lto fo foreign support - Margret of Burgundy paid for 2,000 german mercanaries

Support from Lovell, Martin Schwartz - military captain, John de la pole - more of a legitamte claim to the throne than henry

Simnel had 8,000 compared to Henry's 12,000

Simnel captured

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Yorkshire Rebellion


Not a plot to overthrow henry

Earl of Northumberland - orginal leader but was outsted

Tax demands were too high

Already tension due to yorkshire and lancastrian divide

100,000 subsidy to help defedn Brittany against it's war with France

Bad harvest in the north

Rebellion broke out but was squashed by the king's army of 8,000

Rebels recieved a royal pardon and no further taxes were collected

Henry unable to raise enough money to defend britanny

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Perkin Warbeck


Pretended to be Richard, Duke of York - one of the princes in the tower

Cost a lot of money for Henry to deal with - £13,000

all foreign support based on hatred of Henry that dissipated

Ireland - henry pardoned irish supports - 'i suppose they will crown an ape next'

France - expelled in 1492 under the terms of the treaty of etaples

Spies found out he was from tanai

Margret of Burgundy

recognised by King Maximillian I - Holy roman empire

no support in England - Landed in Kent - 150 men, tried to get cupport in cornish uprising

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Cornish Rebellion

May 1497

Tax Demands

Finance campaigns against Perkin Warbeck and war with Scotland against James IIII

Completely irrelevant from the daily life of cornish man

weak leadership of Joseph and Flanmank - not trained army but 10,000 men

Army in Scotland

Henry sent Lord Daubney to attack the Cornish

Warbeck abandonded his army

Warbeck was 'paraded through the streets on horseback amid much hooting and desion of the citizens'

Fined rebels

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