Health - The Biomedical Model of Disability

Biomedical approach to disability

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Health - The Biomedical Model of Disability

Best (2005) defines disability as: a persons inability to fully participate in various activities activities that the rest of us take for granted.

Disabled people have a physical or mental impairment that means they can't operate 'normally'. This perception starts from the assumption that there is a 'normal' body and a 'normal' range of activities associated with it.

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Health - The Biomedical Model of Disability

The Biomedical model looks at the disability in the following ways:

  • The disabled are dependent on the able bodied and are unable to fuction effectively without constant help.
  • There are few medical cures for disability.
  • Disability is a personal tragedy and the disabled deserve our pity and charity.
  • Disabled people can only have a 'normal' life if they have round-the-clock care.
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