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First revision cards from pack factors that affect growth and development

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Physical factors


  • Genetic inhertitance- collection of genes inherited from our parents that determine our characterisitics
  • Diet-Has a great effect on the condition of our body
  • Physical exercise- Obesity more than 20% above his or her body weight.
  • Experience of illness or disease- suffer from a variety of symptons that mean the person is unwell.. Do not give their full potential. 34% live in poverty with a illness or disabilitie.
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Socail and emotional factors

  • Gender- Biological differenecs between males and females. Gender refering to behaviour( women expected to cry at times of tragedy whereas mean hide their feelings.
  • Family relationships- A family is a socail group made up of people who are related.
  • The extened family-This type of family consists of three or more generations of one family ie. grandparents,parents,children. Less likey to require help from outside agencies such as socail services or meals on wheels. Look after each other
  • The nuclear family-This family includes two parents and their children. 23% of households. May not live near other generations of family but stay in good contact.
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