hazards case studies

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Risk equation

Magnitute x vulnrability

    Capacity to cope

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Calafornia- Lama prita

Earthquake in 1989.

4,000 injured

63 dead

magnitude of 6.9

Cyprus free way collapsed due to liquid faction- 11 years to re build. 42 dead because of this alone.

ground shakes and water rises.

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Phillipines- mount pinitubo

Eruppted in 1991.

2 largest volcanic erruption on reccord.

pre earthquake which caused landslides (magnitude 7)

300 dead and thousands evacuated but evacuees could not return home as could not affor to re- develop.

ash cloud caused global temp to decrease by 0.5 degrees.

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why is calafornia a hazard hotspot?

40 millionpeople in california.

earthquakes- network of faults which run under the coastline (san andreas fault)- conservative plate boundry.

Hydrometerological and geophysical disasters.

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why is the philipines a hazard hotspot?

because it is on a destructive plate boundry there are lots of volcanoes

The Philippines is in a tropical cyclone track; lahars can be mobilised by cyclones and tropical storms.


small islands make it hard to deal with disasters

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