Hamlet Quotations

Thematical quotations from Hamlet - TO BE COMPLETED

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"your noble son is mad"

"mad by craft" / "thought this be madness, there be method in it"

"madness in great ones must not go unwatched"

"Mad as the sea and wind when both contend
Which is the mightier."

"O, what a noble mind here is o'erthrown!"

"Alas, he's mad"

"Hamlet's lunacy"

"And he, repellèd, a short tale to make,
Fell into a sadness, then into a fast,
Thence to a watch, thence into a weakness,
Thence to a lightness, and, by this declension,
Into the madness wherein now he raves"

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Corruption / Disease

“Something rotten in the state of Denmark”

"My wit's diseased"

"Nay, but to live In the rank sweat on an enseamed bed, Stewed in corruption, honeying and making lover Over the nasty sty"

"unweeded garden"

"rank and gross in nature"

"it will skin and film the ulcerous place, whilst rank corruption, mining all within, infects unseen"

"O, my offence is rank! It smells to heaven!"

"Denmark is a prison" ... "thinking makes it so"

"a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours"

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