gross negligence manslaughter

gross negligence manslaughter

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failed to meet the standards of a reasonably competent aneithesist

leading case

confirms definition of gross negligence manslaughter

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Donoghue v stevenson

civil case

snail in drink

owe a duty of care to your neighbour

'if you can reasonably see that you could injure someone within close proximity through your act/omission then you owe this person a duty of care

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failed to maintain property

gas fire

3 died

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failed to maintain boat

blew into the rocks and people died

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khan and khan

gave drugs to a new user and they died

states that new duty situations may arise and it is down to the jury to decide whether or not they owe a duty of care

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moving illegal immigrants

failed to open air vent, died from lack of oxygen

even though the victims were commiting an illegal crime he still owed a duty of care

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Stone and dobinson

man and partner failed to look after his sister

gross negligence manslaughter through ommission

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neglect must be gross, must be beyong a mere matter of compensation and must show disregard for the life and saftey of others

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failed to treat infection

risk must be of death not just injury

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existence of a duty of care

breach in the duty of care which results in death

gross negligence over risk of death

and the jury consider it to be criminal

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