Grand Alliance Conferences

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Teheran Conference 1943


Stalin , Churchill ,Roosevelt 


-Open a second front 

-USSR would declare war on Japan 


-Chruchill wanted to invade the Balkans the other superpowers did not agree .He wanted to do that to try to stop the Soviet expansion .

-Stalin and Roosevelt disagreed they surported the idea of a second front in the west 

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Yalta conference 1945


Churchill ,Stalin ,Roosevelt 


-When Germany got defeated it would be reduced in size ,demilitraised and would have to pay repararations (taken in materials such as goods and labour.)

-Germany would be divided .Europe would be rebuilt along the lines of the atlantic charter 

-Nazi party would be banned and any war criminals would be tried infront of an international court 

-United Nations would be set up

-USSR would declare war on Japan 

-countries should chose their own government 

-Poland could be under the rule of the USSR but it would have to be run democratically 


-Churchill and Roosevelt were reluctant to allow Poland to be communist 

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Potsdam Conference 1945

Churchill (Alongside Attlee) , Stalin ,Truman 

  • Agreements 
  • -Set up a council of Foreign ministers to organize the rebuilding of Europe 
  • -Ban the Nazi party and prosecute surviving Nazis as war criminals 
  • -Reduce the size of Germany 
  • -Divide Germany into four zones
  • -Divivde Berlin into four zones despite being deep inside the USSR'S zone 
  • -USSR was allowed to have a quater of the industrial equipment from the other zones as his zone was the least developed industrially but in return had to give the other zones raw materials such as coal 
  • Diagreements 
  • USSR wanted Germany to have heavy reparations whereas the other poweres wanted Germany to be rebuilt .
  • Each power would take reparations from different zones .Stalin was annoyed as his part of Germany was extreamly poor unlike the parts Britain and the US
  • Truman dropped the atomic bomb so  Japan would surrender. America had the bomb in July 1945 Truman did not tell Stalin about it. Stalin was angry the Truman had not told him 
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Potsdam conference 1945 Disagreements



USSR had set up an only communist govermnet in poland .He went against his word 


Britain fought againist the Greek communists with the US surpport later in 1947

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