Globalisation and Crime

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McGrew= events and activities in one part of the world have significant consequences for people in other parts, this is possible due to quicker air travel and the internet

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Multi-national companies move around looking for areas of profitability, leads to reduced job security and increased unemployment, especially in the manufacturing sector. These losses lead more working class men to turn to crime and create an underclass due to material deprivation. There is an increase in part-time and temporary jobs which encourages employment of illegal immigrants so employers are likely to pay lower wages and ignore health and safety regulations.

Taylor is a critical criminologist.

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Michalowski and Kramer

Modern trans-national companies evade law by setting up in countries with less strict health and safety regulations or ones with low pollution control. By doing this, they are also able to sell goods declared unfit for use to poorer countries.

This is also an example of green crime which crosses national borders, one case guilty of this was: the illegal selling of Caimen alligator skin into Italy.

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Supports Michalowski and Kramer. There has been a decline in employment which has encouraged growth into Western Europe in order to avoid labour laws and get the cheapest labour from illegal immigrants.

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Drug Trafficking

First illegal sector to profit from globalisation, drugs grown in South America and Middle Eastern countries are trafficked around the world. Globalisation makes this easier and quicker as more and more people and goods flow in and out of countries, there are more chances to smuggle drugs in and out. The potential profits and huge and the human cost is devastating, drug trafficking is responsible for 52,000 American deaths.

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Human trafficking

Is not new but has been made much easier and more profitable due to globalisation. Adults are trafficked for: prostitution, forced labour and organ removal. Children are trafficked for: forced marriage, illegal adoption and child soldiers.

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Cyber Crime

Fastest growing criminal activity, which includes a wide range of criminal activities: hacking, viruses, racial and religious hatred, stalking, identity theft etc. An increased reliance on computers leads to more cyber crime. Many of these crimes go unreported although one is committed every 10 seconds in the UK. A majority are teenagers hacking for fun but some serious hackers have broken into bank computers systems. The New Media allows anyone to set up a blog or website so spreading hatred is much more simple.

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