geography urbanisation

these cards will tell me the different types of urban for example cbd, which means central buisness district etc

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the cbd is what is called the central buisness district which will include in the center the shops like river island  and towards the outer ring it shows some vary of factories which are put there so they can deliver products to the shops and further out are the houses some nice some not too bad and some really bad.


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brownfield site

Brownfield sites are abandoned or underused industrial and commercial facilities available for re-use. expansion or redevelopment of such a facility may be complicated by real or perceived enviromental contaminations.


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greenfield site

A greenfield site is an area of land that has never been developed or built up. Greenfield sites are often found in urban areas, providing a stark contrast to the heavily developed surrounding locale. Some greenfield sites have previously been used for agricultural purposes, but most are fields or vacant lots that provide a small bit of wilderness in urban or suburban landscapes.


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