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Types of Holiday:

  • activity - watersports
  • historical
  • beach
  • cruise
  • party - clubbing - Ibiza
  • cultural

Reasons for tourism in Mediteranean:

  • cheaper holidays
  • climate
  • easy access
  • beaches
  • package holidays
  • long history of tourism
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What attracts people to spain?

  • climate
  • food
  • beaches
  • culture
  • scenery
  • easy access to other european countries
  • cheap hotels
  • package holidays
  • golf courses
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Tourism in Kenya

Why Kenya? safari, beaches, climate, culture, volunteer work

Impact of Tourism:

  • pollution from vehicles
  • scares animals has impact on breeding
  • hotels - animals eat waste
  • close contact with animals causes thenm stress
  • land erosion
  • vegetation killed off
  • water and facilities taken away from locals and given to tourists
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Tourism in Majorca

why? Night clubs, climate, buy cheap second homes, relaxing, english features, speak english, cheap package deals



  • brings money to area
  • more jobs in seasons
  • beaches
  • caters for enclish


  • too much building
  • beaches ruined
  • too much waste
  • water shortage
  • property prices increase because tourists buy all houses
  • destroyed farming land is used for tourism
  • loss of economic independance
  • culure lost
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Eco tourism The Amszon Rainforest

To protect the forest they are:

  • encouraging pecific types of holiday eg. bird watching, organised to avoid causing exxtensive damage
  • encourage tourists to only buy sustainable products
  • promoting environmentally friendly tour operators
  • educating tourists to respect local people and area
  • limit the number of tourists
  • encourage developments of tourism where developments can fit in with the local people and the encironments.
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