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what is the nucleus?

A nucleus is a part of the cell which contains the genetic code, the DNA.

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what is a gene?

A gene is a short section of DNA that codes for a particular characteristic protein

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What is a chromosome?

Chromosomes are made up of DNA coiled up into elongated shapes.

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What is the Function of the DNA?

A DNA is a material that carries all the information about how a living organism will look and function

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Where are characteristics passed onto?

Characteristics are passed on in the chromosomes that the offspring inherits from their parents.

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True OR False? do each chromosome may have a diffe


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What is an allele?

Alleles are different versions of a gene, that codes for different versions of a characteristic

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What are homozygous alleles?

Homozygous alleles are alleles in a matching pair

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What are heterozygous alleles?

Heterozygous alleles are alleles in a matching pair that are different

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