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Notes on politics for AQA GCSE Sociology specification

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Typical voters

Voters for the Conservative Party will typically be:

  • white
  • middle class
  • living in the south, rural areas and suburbs

Voters for the Labour Party will typically be:

  • young people and members of ethnic minorities
  • working class
  • living in the north and inner cities
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Political Beliefs & Changes

Marxists believe

In a capitalist society there will always be a divide between the poor (proleteriat) and the rich (bourgeoisie).

However there is not going to be a change in the political beliefs of Britons, so we have to accept this divide.

Now, Trade Unions have less power than they did 20 years ago.

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If a country wants to be a democracy it has to do & agree to certain things. For example in a democracy:

  • Free & fair elections are held in which everyone is entitled to vote (this one can change a little, for example, in the UK, people under 18 cannot vote)
  • The government is held to account by elected representatives
  • People hold a series of civil liberties e.g freedom of speechh and association
  • There is an existence of several different demands and beliefs, e.g pro-life & pro-choice
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