GBH + Wounding (s.20) case facts


R v Burstow

Actus Reus s.20 GBH: D carried out an 8m campaign of harassment against his ex-gf. She suffered from severe depression as a result. D was found guilty of s.20 GBH. Held that the HoL's upheld the conviction showing that 'inflict' means 'cause'

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Actus Reus s.20 GBH: D had unprotected sex w/ 2 women while HIV positive, infecting both women. Held that the CA ruled infecting someone w/ HIV was causing GBH

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Actus Reus s.20 wounding: V was shot in the eye with a shotgun pellet, didn't penetrate but caused internal bleeding. Held that the offence of wounding was not committed as both layers of skin weren't broken.

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Mens Rea s.20 GBH + Wounding: D caused GBH to his baby and convicted of s.20 GBH. D was not used to handling young babies and wasn't aware and appealed. Held that D's conviction was changed to s.47 ABH as s.20 must have some awareness of risk.

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