Functions of the family - Functionalists



  • Families perform 4 needs - Stable satisfaction of the sex drive, Reproduction of the next generation, Sociolisation of the young, Meeting economic needs


  • Feminists - Serving the needs of men and oppressing women
  • Maxists - Meets the needs of capitalism not society as a whole.
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  • Extended family
  • Nuclear family 
  • Two types of society - Pre-industrial and modern industrial


  • Evolving technology
  • Modern industrial
  • Geographically mobile workforce - Most people lived and worked in the same villiage
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LOSS of functions

Nuclear family performs 2 funtions:

  • Stabilisation of adult personalities - The family = a relaxed place to come back to 
  • Primary socialisation - equipt people with basic skills to intergrate them into society
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