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school trip

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french trip


introduce myself with name and where i went and when and who with

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french trip

Time I woke up and got to school and coach driver risks.

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French trip

 1 hour into journey at oxford services and hot chocolate machine and sleeping on coach.

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French trip

Ferry port at 10 o clock and mr morrison the headteacher met us there and stayed on and went back to the uk and i looked on lower decks and boat rocked making me feel uncomfortable.

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French trip

 It was a approx 5 hour journey into paris from calais and arrived at 6 pm and chose our rooms and had dinner which was revolting spagehetti and disgusting cake i wouldnt eat it if i was forced to.  

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french trip

watched superbad in cinema room it was a giant sleepover and my friend smashed her phone.

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french trip

Woke up at 4 o clock uk time covered in choclate fingers and teachers turn of electric and water at 8 am and we made our own lunch like subway and went to the eiffel tower with our tour guide it was like the programme coach trip.

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french trip

went to topof the tower and there were luck lucky men calling me beyonce and lady gaga and the fled when the police approached them .

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french trip

shopping at champs de eylsses and world dangerous roundabout  and miss give us money and shopping lists and i got lost and the man begging for money. and for dinner they served snails

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french trip

we had a disco and i got up and did beyonce and the teachers were dancin and thats what the food and drink was for.

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french trip

we went disney land and i met the characters and payed to go in the other park too it had better rides and attractions for teens and my group was the last to get back and i had to run through the park on my own.

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french trip

we made pancakes that night and i spilt the mixture on kallum and i went too him to apologise and his toilet was disgusting and they came in our room then when we went back to his someone else was in his bed.

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french trip

we left the place at 8 in the morning and stopped off at the supermarket and some one put in a mccdonalds order for lots of people. on the ferry the drinks machine wouldn't work and i bought my brothers presents that looked like they were from disney and i ate my dads present and got my mom perfume but kept it  we got back at 10 oclock and i was supposed to be in narnia but i had a bad throat infection and couldnt say my lines.

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french trip

overall the trip was a success and i would go again but recomend to take extra spending money and it was 200 pound well spent and any questions?

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french trip

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Imaan Chaudhry


so silly and huge waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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