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module 7- tourism

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Present tense of the verb aller

  • je vais----i go, i am going
  • tu vas----you go, you are going
  • il/elle/on va-----he/she/we are going
  • nous allons-----we are going
  • vous allez-----you are going
  • ils/elles vont----they are going
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Past tense of the verb aller

Je suis alle(e)-----------> I went

tu es alle(e)-------------> You went

il/elle/on est alle(e)----> He/She/We went

nous sommes alle(e)(s)---> We went

vous etes alle(e)(s)--------> You went

ils/elles sont alle (e) (s)---> They went

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Pres de------------>close/near

loin de-------------->far

pres de la gare--> near the station

asceneur----------> lift


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Talking about transport

tres cher-------------------------------------> very expensive

en seulement------------------------------> in only

on peut voir-------------------------------->you can see

c'est peut voir----------------------------> its quicker

c'est plus rapide------------------------> it's more practical

c'est moins cher-----------------------> it's cheaper

 les vols sont quelquefois annules---> the flights are sometimes cancelled


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types of holiday accomadation

Hotel------------------------------->  Hotel

Camping--------------------------> campsite

Gite-------------------------------->Holiday house

Chambre d'hote--------------->bed n breakfast




Lauberge de  jeunesse---> youth hostel

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