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French; places in the town

Le musée - museum   Le centre de loisirs - leisure centre   Í hôtel de ville - town hall                       La gare - train station   La bibliothèque - library   La banque - bank   Le parc - park
Le cinéma - cinema   Le théâtre - theatre   Le centre ville - town centre   la poste -post office             

le chateau - palace/castle   Í hôtel  - hotel   la piscine - swimming pool  Í hôpital - hospital        Í église - church    

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Enlargement - The scale factor for an enlargement tells you how longthe sides of the new shape are compared to the old shape. E.g. a scale factor of 3 means you multiply each side length by 3.

Congruence is another ridiculous maths word which sounds really complicated when its not. If two shapes are congruent, they are simply the same - the same size and same shape. Thats all it is. They can however be reflected or rotated - so if a shape is transformed by a translation, reflection or rotation, the transformed shape is congruent to the original.

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