French IGCSE Tenses

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Imperfect Tense

Take nous form of Present Tense 

~ nous avons 

Get rid of nous and ~ons

Add imperfect endings:







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Perfect Tense

Take Present Tense of Avoir

~er é

~ir i

~re u

Add on to past participles of Verb eg:




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Simple Future

  • simple future 
  • je regarderai (I will watch)
  • tu regarderas (you will watch)
  • il/elle/on regardera (he/she/it will watch)
  • nous regarderons (we will watch)
  • vous regarderez (you will watch)
  • ils/elles regarderont (they will watch)
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Conditional Tense

The conditional tense is used to talk about what would happen in the future:

  • Je regarderais la télé (I would watch TV)

To form the conditional tense, add the imperfect endings to the future stem:

  • Regarder --> je regarderais (I would watch)
  • Finir --> tu finirais (you would finish)
  • Prendre --> il/elle/on prendrait (he/she/it would take)
  • Manger --> nous mangerions (we would eat)
  • Partir --> vous partiriez (you would leave)
  • Vendre --> ils/elles vendraient (they would sell)
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Pluperfect Tense

To form the pluperfect, use the imperfect tense of avoir and être and add the past participle. The agreements of the perfect tense apply here too:

  • tu étais partie quand je suis arrivé (You had left when I arrived)
  • j'avais mangé avant de partir (I had eaten before leaving)
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