Economic Factors

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Financial Resources

Wealth - How much a person owns based on money or material possessions, e.g. jewellery, cars or property.

Occupation - The job a person has, e.g. doctor, teacher or sales assistant.

Employment - Having job whether full time, part time, self employed or zero hour contract.

Unemployment - Not having a job due to being redundant or on benefits.

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Poverty can limit people's chances of a good life which can have a negative effect on their health and wellbeing.

Absolute poverty - Not having enough money for basic needs.

Relative poverty - Only able to afford basic needs.

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Positive effects it has on health and wellbeing


  • Good housing conditions and healthier diet
  • Improves muscle tone and stamina


  • Education and work improves problem solving and thinking skills
  • More time for mind activities, for example, chess, sudoku or crossword


  • Good jobs makes you feel secure.
  • Promotes a positive self concept


  • Have time to socialise with colleagues and friends
  • More opporttunies to socialise
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Negative effects it has on health and wellbeing


  • Lack of mobility leading to weight gain
  • Poor diet, poor housing leading to poor health


  • Umployment leads to mental health problems
  • Long hours of work meaning less time to socialise or to learn new things


  • Stress and breakdown in relationships
  • Low self concept


  • Social isolation
  • Less chances to socialise
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