NATURE: Biological approach, 'type theory' Born with different traits. 

Melancholic: Unstable Introvert. Moody, unsociable, quiet.

Choleric: Unstable Extrovert. Touchy, restless, aggressive. 

Phlegmatic: Stable Introvert. Thoughtfull, calm, reliable.

Sanguine: Stable Extrovert. Sociable, outgoing, talkative.

Early years worker: Channel choletic aggression through play-doh and stress balls. They should support the extremes of each of these categories, and be aware of each behaviour type. They should get introverts invovled in team activites, and attempt to channel extroverts into individual work as well as working to the pro's of the individuals. 

Day care workers: Speak calmly, away from little soft movement to the cholerics. Their medication should be matched, invovle melancholics.

Residential workers: Remover cholercis from others when aggressive, encourage sanguines to talk to with oithers. Provide own space and team activites. 

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