Evaluating Typology 1


Churches cause sectarian breakaway

  • Churches represent the powerful and alienate powerless groups
    • LGBT
    • women
    • ethnic minorities
    • working class
  • The powerless groups search for a different religious organisation in which they feel powerful and equal to others, and a schism occurs.
  • The schism results in sects forming between these powerless groups and opposes the church. 
  • The church validates schisms as a normal part of the life of the church 
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Sects become denominations

  • Sects start with revolutionaries but soon become reformists 
    • They change their beliefs in order to expand and become world-accommodating, rather than world-rejecting. 
      • eg. Quakers
  • This creates a denomination of a sect. 
  • The created denomination may also experience a schism of individuals who have a stronger/more traditional belief. 
    • e.g Amish
  • This may cause:
    • sects to be come denominations
    • denominations to be come sects 
    • the sect to disappear
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3. Second generation lack commitment

  • The sects recruit individuals who then marry and have children in the sect.
  • They raise their children in the sect and socialise them into their values. 
  • The children do not have a choice to be a member of this sect and reject the values of the religion. 
  • Similarly, the children grow up in prosperity, as their parents often take on sectarian values such as the "Protestant work ethic" which means they do not depend on the sect' beliefs. 
  • These children leave the sect, reducing their numbers and often causing the sect to collapse. 
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4. A charismatic leader dies

  • The leader of the sect who is charismatic draws individuals into the religion. People often join due to this leader's personality and beliefs. 
  • When this leader dies, the sect loses direction as they do not have this person to guide them. 
  • This usually leads to the sect collapsing, as seen through the Branch Davidians. 
  • Sometimes, the sect leader's family (e.g wife or children) carry on the sect. 
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