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What are the 10 commandments?

  • You shall have no other Gods than me.
  • You shall not make yourself an idol, nor bow down or worship it.
  • You shall not misuse the name of the Lord, your God.
  • You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy.
  • Respect your mother and father.
  • You must not kill.
  • You must not commit adultery.
  • You must not steal.
  • You must not give false evidence against your neighbour.
  • You must not be envious of your neighbours goods. You shall not be envious of his house, his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbour.
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The Noble eighth fold path?

  • Right Understanding.
  • Right Viewpoint.
  • Right action.
  • Right speech.
  • Right livelihood.
  • Right effort.
  • Right mindfulness.
  • RIght concentration.
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Our World - what is humanity?

Compassion for others. For example by serving others voluntarily.

Caring about other human beings through prayer and action.

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What does soul mean?

That part of human nature that is not just physical.

The part of humans that will live on after the body has died.

A reflection of 'the image of god' in human beings.

The part of humans that allows people to relate to god; and to worship.

The spiritual aspect of human nature that affects the 'real' you.

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What does creation mean?

A unique design planned by a maker.

Gods making of the world for a purpose.

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What does the environment mean?

The natural world all about us - plants, insects, animals and humans which believers see as God's creation.

The surroundings in which we live for which religions teach we are responsible.

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What does dominion mean?

Being in charge of the world for god.

Having a form of control and responsibility which was given to humans by God.

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What does stewardship mean?

To guard over something for the real owner.

A god given responsibility to manage or control the earth.

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Relationships - What does responsibilities mean?

Duties you should carry out, such as looking after a family member.

WHat you are expected to take care of. For example vows.

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What does commitment mean?

Making and keeping a promise such as wedding vows.

Being devoted towards someone or something. This may be shown by being faithful to them.

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What does love mean?

It can often include a relationship where there is a commitment between people.

TO have a deep affection for someone and express it through words or actions. 

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What does chastity mean?

Not having any sexual relationships before marriage. 

Sex is seen as sacred.

Keeping yourself from any sexual activity until married as sex is seen as a gift from God.

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What does conflict mean?

Working against each other.

Clashes and breakdowns within a relationship, Faith communities may help with prayer or advice. 

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What does reconciliation mean?

Saying sorry and having it accepted. All religions teach the importance of forgiveness.

Making up and starting over, many faith communities have reconciliation services.

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Looking for meaning - What does god mean?

Deity, which is believed to be THE ONE behind everything.

Ultimate being, for example the creator and sustainer of the world.

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What does symbolism mean?

A sign which has a particular meaning for example the cross for christians.

Something that points o or explains something else. Many religions have symbolic actions or ideas. 

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What does community mean?

A fellowship of people who pray and worship together.

A group of people who have something in common, for example faith communities share beliefs and practices. 

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What does awe mean?

A sense of fear and at the same time reverence.

Completely overwhelmed by a sense of Gods presence.

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What does revelation mean?

Something shown or explained that was previously hidden. Religions have revealed truths.

Something which enable others to learn more, or see something for themselves about God, life or eternity.

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What does afterlife mean?

Where souls go when the body dies.

Anther kind of existence that follows bodily life.

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Is it fair? - What does injustice mean?

Where human rights are ignored, for example torture because of a religion.

Where there is no equality of provision or opportunity.

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What does equality mean?

Being considered of the same strength or character as part of the human race.

Being treated in the same way and not discriminated against, as all are part of God's creation. 

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What does authority mean?

Right or power over others. In religion this could be a priest or religious leader.

The teaching or rules hat should be obeyed.

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What does identity mean?

Personality or character - each person is unique.

The way a person see themselves - where they belong. 

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What does prejudice mean?

Disliking someone or something for no good reason. Religions teach people are equal.

Judging another person before you know anything about them, or have any evidence.

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What does discrimination mean?

Failiting to treat people as fellow human beings and part of God's creation.

Treating people differently because of religion, race, gender, class. 

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