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Crime and Punishment

REPENTANCE - If you do something wrong you apologise and try to make amends.

ABSOLUTION - To turn away from sin and be made free or pardoned of sin.

CONTRIBUTION - being truly sorry.

PENANCE - Christian goes to church - talks to priest about a crime they have committed - priest gives them job that fits the crime

RECONCILIATION - being brought back to God and your sins have been forgiven + forgotten

REPARATION - when a Christian pays in some way for doing something wrong

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PREJUDICE - pre-judging people - looking at people and thinking you knows everything about them.

DISCRIMINATION - treating people unfairly to other people because of the group they are in - doing something to show prejudice

STEREOTYPING - categorizing what a whole group of people are like even though it is obvious that there are going to be exceptions - pigeonholing

SCAPECOATING - dates from OT times- annually the priest would recite the sins of people over a goat - goat set free - goat carries away the people's sin + leaving them blameless - passing blame to an already despised group

RACISM - believing that different races are capable of different things - one race is superior to another

SEXISM - treating people of a different gender unfairly - one sex thought of as better

AGEISM - discriminating people because of their age

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Christianity Teaches About Prejudice

Acts 10 - God has no favourites

Samuel - God does not judge as man judges. Man looks on the outward appearance. God looks on the heart.

Jesus' life - he mixed with outcasts - prejudice non-existent

Romans - Jesus healed servant of a Roman officer

Lepers - Jesus touched lepers to heal them

Women - Jesus mixed freely with them - good friends with women - Mary's

Tax Collectors - Matthew - tax collector - disciple

Samaritans - story of Good Samaritan - ideal neighbour

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