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Poems from the pre 1914 poetry bank, Carol Ann Duffey and Simon Armitage

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Stealing by Carol Ann Duffey

Attitudes, Ideas and Feelings of the speaker

  • Monologue- Speakers opinion only is forced on us
  • Admiration- Stanza 1
  • Instability- Stanza 2
  • Reminiscant- Stanza 3
  • "Sigh"- Showing that he may not be proud of what he did
  • Anger- Stanza 4
  • Bored- Stanza 5
  • "I wanted him to be a mate"- Maybe family life is bad. Loneliness
  • He is stealing for attention
  • "Sometimes I steal things I don't need" - Bored
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Stealing by Carol Ann Duffey

Layout and Structure

  • 5 Stanzas showing the progression of a story
  • Lack of punctuation with no break shows his race to get his story out
  • Short sentences used make sentences stand out
  • Connotations of midnight used throughout continuing a theme
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Stealing by Carol Ann Duffey

Language and Poetic Devices

  • Imagery
  • Past tense
  • Description sets scene
  • I and mine repeat a lot- Shows has been in this situation before
  • Strange- "the most unusual thing I ever stole"
  • "Slice of ice"- negative and evil
  • "You don't understand a thing I've said do you?"- Questions make reader think.
  • Dark humour- Sadistic
  • Informal
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Good but it's Duffy not Duffey :)

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