Engels' evolution of the family

quick outline of Engels' theory on the evolution of the family

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Promiscuous Horde

Stage One: The Promiscuous Horde

Key Features:

  • There were no rules limiting sexual behaviour
  • The family didn't exist
  • All property was owned in common

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Stage Two: Polygamy

Key Features:

  • Emerged with private property
  • Men were allowed more than one wife
  • But womens sexual behaviour was limited to ensure the father has a legitimite heir
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Stage Three: Monogamy

Key Features:

  • Men have only one wife
  • More control to make sure that their is a legitimate heir
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Stage Four: Communism

Key Features:

  • When private property is abolished there will be no need for family
  • Society will act as the family
  • Children will be raised in common
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