Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions

Revision cards on endothermic and exothermic reactions :)

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Endothermic - Definition

Endothermic means.... A reaction that takes in thermal energy from the surroundings

Which sounds complicated but here's the easier to understand definition:

A reaction that gives in heat (like the sun) from what's around them

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Exothermic - Definition

Exothermic is the complete opposite of endothermic but it is weirdly similar....

Exothermic means: a reaction that releases thermal energy to the surroundings

Easy def. = A reaction that releases heat to what's around them 

Example = burning of candles

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Graph Question

What type of reaction is shown in the reaction profile above?

An exothermic reaction

An endothermic reaction


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Answer: Endothermic

it is an endothermic reaction because the products have more energy than the reactants, so they must have taken in energy from the surroundings

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Graph Question #2


                                                         A          B         C                Answer on next card!

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Answer: A

The energy change of the reaction is the difference in energy between the reactants and the products

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Fill in the Gaps

react / energy / minimum / maximum 

Activation energy is the                           amount of                          the reactant particles require in order to collide with each other and           .

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1.  minimum

2. energy

3. react

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If an endothermic reaction occurs in a closed container, what would happen to the temperature inside the container?

The temperature would increase

The temperature would decrease

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Answer: Endothermic :)

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