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Task one: Investigate a method of measuring the concentration of glucose.

Task Two: Investigate the effect of PH on enzyme activity.


Carbohydrates - Disaccharides & Polysaccharides

Q: Which one, or more, monomer units make up each of the following?

  • Lactose
  • Sucrose
  • Starch


  • L = Glucose + Galactose
  • Su = Glucose + Fructose
  • St = Glucose only.
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Lactose Intolerant

Q: In lactose intolerant people, micro-organisms in the large intestine convert the undigested lactose into gas, which accumualtes and causes discomfort. by which process do micro-organisms probably produce this gas?

A: Respiration

Q: suggest a reason why the gas is unlikely to be carbon dioxide?

A: Carbon dioxide forms as the result of aerobic respiration.

Conditions in the large intestine are anaerobic.

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Factors effecting Enzymes

Q: Explain why enzymes function less well at lower temperatures.

A: To function enzymes must physically collide with their substrate. lower temperature decrease the kinetic energy of both enzyme and substrate molecules, which then move around less quickly.They hence collide less often therefore react less frequently.

Q: Explain how high temperatures may completely prevent enzymes from functioning.

A: Heat causes hydrogen and other bonds to break. the tertiary structure of the enzyme molecule changes, as does the active site. the substrate no longer fits the active site.

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Is there more help on the written task of the "Task one: Investigate a method of measuring the concentration of glucose." ?

So there is a possibility to discuss the EMPA to fellow teachers?

If you could could identify specific questions taht appear on the paper, that would be very much appreciated.

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