Electrolysis of sodium chloride and aluminium oxide

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Electrolysis of sodium chloride

Uses of chlorine:

Bleach or other disinfectants- disinfection

Keeps tap water clean

Used in production of some plastics such as PVC


Uses of Hydrogen:

- Margarine

- Rocket fuel


Uses of Sodium Hydroxide:  -Making detergents

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Electrolysis of aluminium oxide

Electrolysis of aluminium oxide is used to obtain aluminium because is very useful, strong and very light.

Cryolite and aluminium is melted together as cryolite lowers the melting point of aluminium oxide to about 850C. The Al3+ ions are attracted to the outer electrode and collect electrons to become alluminium atoms. The oxide ions react with the carbon in the postive electrodes and produce CO2. For this reason the electrodes need to be replaced often as they burn out.

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