Economic Development

economic development

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How can countries achieve Economic Development?

Stage 1- Subsustence economy mainly farming insufficient technology and money to create secondary and tertiary jobs

Stage 2 - External help to move here primary activities most produces exported technological improvements transport network improved GNP

Stage 3 - Manufacting grows fast improvment technology and money, investments in farming, transport and services

Stage 4 - Spreads to most poats of the country more technology and mechanisation urbanistion, living standands improve

Stage 5 - fast expansion of services and high-tect industries decline manufacting

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south-east asia,

Annual Growth rate, 1965-80 4%, 1981-90 5.1%, 1995-2000 8.2%

  • Malaysia Inc, privitation of many industrial and economic sectors which have been set up with Gov. support in the 60's
  • Gov. invested in companys producing technology
  • technology action plan (auto manufactering, miro electronics, bio technology and ICT
  • very little unemployment needed immirgation needed from indonesia and philineses
  • attracted many foreign investors and high-tect firms
  • built new internation airport, and serval science parks
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Intermidate technology development group

  • A british charity
  • works with LEDC is rural area
  • heps locals get tools, food, clothing and housing, far
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