Earthquakes and volcanoes

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Haiti Earthquake- immediate response and relief ef

Immediate response:

  • Dominican Republic, who share Hispaniola with Haiti, provided aid- water, medical supplies and rescuers. 
  • Emergency rescue teams from other countries were sent to help.
  • People from around the world donated money.
  • Field hospitals were set up by the red cross.
  • UN sent troops to keep calm and help distrobute the aid.

Relief efforts:

  • money was pledged by organisations and governments.
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Shield volcano

Where? Mauna Loa, Hawaii, (usually found at constructive plate boundries or hot spots)

Vocano type? Sheild

Volcanic features? shaped like a sheild, with gently sloping sides, with a low wide cone.

Lava type: basalt/basic lava which is runny (low viscosity) and spreads quickly forming the sheild shape.

Eruptions:  frequent and gentle.

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composite/strato volcanoes

Where? Mount Pinatubo, Philppines, (usually found at destructive plate boundries).

volcanic features? cone shaped with steep sides, made of alternating layers of lava and ash.

Lava type? andesite/acid lava which is thick and viscous (sticky) causing the cone shape as it flows slowly and hardens qucikly.

Eruptions: Are violent and can throw out lava bombs.Can be a pyroclastic flow instead of a lava flow, which is a mixture of hot steam, ash, rock and dust.

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Planning and preporation: Make builings and infrastrucure earthquake proof. Have earthquake drills at schools at workplaces. Supply emergency first aid kits.

Predictions: Earthquakes ccannot really be predicted but seismometers can be used to measure changes.


Planning and Preporation: Run drills in Schools and work places to prepare for eruptions. Build volcanic shelters to protect people from lava bombs. Set evacuation routs that will be unable to be blocked by an eruption. Set exclusion zones.

Prediction: Use thermal imaging to detect heat around a volcano. Take gas samples to measure sulpher levels. Use seismometers to detect earthquakes

Warning and Evacuation: Many small earthquakes will happen indicating the rising magma, the area around a volcano will rise in temperature and levels of gas will rise.

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