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Drugs: chemical substances which affect the way the body works

Sports do not allow doping because..

1. UNFAIR advantages

2. DAMAGE to athletes' health

Why do sports performers take drugs to improve their performance?

1. help INJURIES HEAL better

2. TRAIN for LONGER without getting tired

3. LES WEIGHT (remove fluids)

4. increased MUSCLE MASS

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Narcotic Analgesics

1. Morphine
2. Heroin


Side effects:

Injury can be made a lot WORSE or even PERMANENT

They are highly ADDICTIVE

Used by sports players with injuries

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Anabolic Agents - STEROIDS

1. Nandrolone

These drugs are used PRIOR to COMPETITION

GROWTH HORMONES - promote growth and repair of body tissue - muscle bulk

Athletes can therefore train HARDER, LONGER and MORE OFTEN

Side effects:

1. high blood pressure

2. heart disease

3. facial and chest hair growth

4. lower voice

e.g. sprinting, weight lifting

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1. Indapamide

REMOVE FLUID from body ---> weight loss

MASKING AGENT: flush out banned substances

Side effects:

1. muscle cramps

2. dehydration

3. rashes

4. kidney problems

e.g. jockeys in dressage

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Beta Blockers

1. Propanolol

block ADRENALINE: steady

Slows HEART and BREATHING rate

Side effects:

1. drowsiness

2. insomnia

e.g. archery

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1. Caffeine
2. Cocaine

They stimulate the CARDIOVASCULAR system so that you can continue to work at a HIGH LEVEL for LONGER PERIODS
They REDUCE the feeling of FATIGUE

Side effects:

1. high blood pressure

2. irregular heartbeats

3. anxiety

4. insensitivity to serious injury

e.g. sprinting, swimming

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