Distance Time & Velocity Time Graphs - P2

what different parts DT Graphs and VT Graphs tell you.

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Distance Time Graph

Distance = metres

Time = seconds

Gradient = shows the speed

Flat Line = stopped

Steeper Line = Faster

Downhill = back towards the starting Point

CURVES - curve dipping down = accelerating / - curve levelling off = decelerating

SPEED is the GRADIENT = VERTICAL (reading) / HORIZONTAL (reading)

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Velocity Time Graph

Velocity = metres per second

Time = seconds

Gradient = acceleration

Flat Line = steady speed

Steeper Line = greater acceleration

Downhill = deceleration

Curve = change in acceleration

The area underneath any part of the graph is equal to the distance travelled in that time interval.


* Speed = read the value off of the velocity axis. Distance Travelled = the area  underneath any part of the graph*

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