CIMA BA3 Chapter 11

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Disclosure Requirements for intangible assets

In the notes section you must disclose:

G ross carrying amount & accumulated amortisation/impairment losses at beginning and end of period

R econciliation of carrying amount at beginning and end of period showing:

  • Additions in year
  • Amortisation in year
  • Impairment losses in year
  • Other changes in year

E stimated useful lives or amortisation rates

A mortisation method

T he line item of the statement of profit or loss in which any amortisation is included

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Conditions for development costs to be treated as an asset:

P robable future economic benefits will generated by the asset

I ntention to complete and use/sell asset

R esorces adequate and available to complete and use/sell asset

A bility to use/sell asset

T echnical feasibility of completing asset for use/sale

E xpenditure can be measured reliable

Where costs meet all the criteria, is must be capitalised as an intangible non-current asset and amortised over its useful life.

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