Dement & Kleitman

Dement & Kleitman

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Dement & Kleitman

Aim: Are dreams recalled more often during REm sleep than during non-REM sleep? Would estimates of dream length correlate with length of REM? Is there a relationship between the contect of the dream and the direction of eye movements?


  • 7 males and 2 females
  • 5 studied intensively


  • Lab experiment
  • participants went to lab before normal bedtime
  • asked to avoid alcohol and caffeie
  • electrodes attached near eyes on scalp attached to EEG machine to measure electrical activity
  • woken by a bell and spoke into a tape recorder
  • asked questions about dream content and length
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Dement & Kleitman


There was a relationship between eye movement and content of dream e.g vertical eye movements in a dream where the person was throwing basketballs

Participants reported having more dreams in REM sleep compared to Non-REM sleep

Strengths: Lab experiment high control over extraneous variables high internal validity

Weaknesses: lacked ecological validity, unsual environment and electrodes attached to their head is not representative of real live.

Small sample size

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