Death and the Afterlife

A detailed set of cards, touching on the main ideas of the topic "Death and the Afterlife" for the Philosphy part of the Philosophy and Ethic GCSE syllabus.

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Body & Soul

Christians feel that we are made up of 2 separate entities:

The Body =

  • Physical
  • Mortal
  • Seeks physical pleasures

The Soul =

  • Spiritual
  • Immortal
  • Wants to please God
  • Sets humans apart from animals
  • Lives on after death
  • Humans are made in Gods image... this means that we each have a aprt of God in us. That part is our soul.
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Heaven, Hell and Purgatory (Christian Beliefs)


  • Experience great happiness
  • Surrounded by God's love
  • You must have lead a good life and believe in Jesus and his teachings


  • Roman Catholic belief
  • Souls go to purgatory to atone for sins and cleanse before ascending to heaven- a degree of punishment is involved. A chance to right wrongs.
  • Prayers from family and friends help a soul through purgatory.


  • Unimaginable pain and sadness
  • "Bonfire, the devil..."
  • Completed parted form God's love
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Judgement and Salvation

Christians believe that...

  • God judges each of us on how we live out life on earth- how we treat others, especially those less fortunate.
  • If we choose to reject him, we are separated from him forever
  • If we repent and are truly sorry, we are accepted and forgiven
  • We may pray for forgiveness

SALVATION is God's action to form a bond between himself and us, his creations.

  • The sins of humanity were erased when Jesus died on the cross
  • God gave his only son to die for us- shows his love
  • The resurrection shows not even death can keep people from God
  • Salvation is offered to everyone, but we must choose to accept it
  • God wants to be loved by his creations- we were created to be involved in a relationship with God
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Other Facts

Jesus was resurrected. He overcame death, allowing souls to reach heaven and freeing sould from the old testament from heaven.

The Body and the Soul are in conflict with each other- soul seeks to serve God, the body seeks physical pleasure. (Paul, New Testament)

Some believe the afterlife is physical, others think it is a spiritual thing.

Some believe cremation is wrong as the body cannot be resurrected.

PAROUSIA= the day Jesus returns to earth

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