DANCE - Still life at the Penguin Cafe

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Texan Kangarooo Rat

Start: Starts on floor in almost complete darkness. Stage then light up to show leaves and catus - Set design --> Empahsises size and scale(makes rat look smaller) and gives Geographical location.

Lighting: Spotlight plusa a general green light wash --> draws attention to the dancer, helps communicate mood and atmopshere, Shows its early in the morning - asleep.

Dancers: 1

Costume:White shirt underneath Demin dungeress --> associate with midwest America- cowboy - gives geographical location.

Music: Direct Correlation, Slight hoedown, Happy, jolly, skippy. Intruments: Percussion, strings and piano. --> Movement is like a hoedown, percussion matches the hops, quiet opening as rat wakes up - matching mood.

Relationship between dance and accomp: Direct correlation* When the dance movements work in time with the beat/rhythm of the music.

Dance style: Hoedown - lots of hops, skipping

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