Dance = Performing skills

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Define: putting more power highlighting a specific movement

Important: engages audiece, directs emphasis to specific movement

Demonstrate: using powerful dynamics on specific movement, using more projection and focus on specific movements

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Define: Dancer's eyeline

Important: Draws attention to specific body parts, movement look bigger/smaller, enhances the mood/emotion, communicates the themes

Improve: making head movements bigger, watching rehearsal and seeing where focus needs improving

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Define: apporpiate energy in the dance

Important: engages audience, communicates the theme of the dance, mkes it more interesting

Demonstrate: understanding the theme of the dance and performing it using apporpiate energy

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Define: showing sensitivity to the accompaniment

Important: communicate the theme, shows good timing, create a more powerful erformance

Demonstrate: similar dynamic qualities (direct correlation), matching accents in music with actions, keeping in time with music

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