Current and potential difference for series and parallel

Involes series and Parallel Circuits differences

This card basically tells you my way of remembering current and P.D, if you are looking for a more helpful resource then feel free to leave :) 

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Quick intro

Parallel Circuits and Series circuit-

My way of remembering the differences :) 

I will tell you my way of remembering the difference between how to work out current and potential difference (P.D) 

If you already know this information and are looking for a more indepth resource, then feel free to leave :)


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First stage

Series Circuit

So the acronym for Series circuit is (S.C)

This can be remembered as SAME CURRENT- 

Series Circuit Same Current!   (A1=A2=A3... )

So Current is the same between components in a Series Circuit, the name tells you already...


Current is measured in ampheres a.k.a amps

unit for current is A 

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Series Circuit

Now you know  current is the same between components in a Series Current...  it's obvious that potential difference will be the opposite XD

1) potential difference or also known as Voltage, is measured in Volts...  V

2) Potential Difference is shared between branches in a series circuit

V = V1 + V2... 

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Parallel Circuits

Parallel Circuit...


Potential Difference  stays the same V1=V2=V3

So now you know potential difference stays the same, it's obvious current is shared...


Current  is shared between components...

 A=A1 + A2

Remember Series Circuit (S.C... Same current)... P.D shared

Parallel Circuit... P.. Potential difference same..... C... Current shared

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