Cracking Hydrocarbons (C1b)

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Cracking Hydrocarbons

Longer-chain hydrocarbons can be Cracked (broken down) into shorter more useful chains, which release energy more quickly by burning


Cracking involves...

-Heating the hydrocarbons until they vapourise

-Passing the vapour over a hot catalyst

A thermal decomposition reaction then takes place

The products of cracking include alkanes and alkenes (Unsaturated).

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Alkenes (Unsaturated Hydrocarbons)

As well as forming single bonds with other atoms, carbon atoms can form double bonds

This means that not all the carbon atoms are linked to 4 other atoms; a double carbon bond is present instead.


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Making Alcohol from Ethene

Ethanol is an alcohol. It can be produced by reacting the alkene ethene with steam in the presence of a catalyst, phosphoric acid


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